The LALC Child

Learn beyond ABCs and 123s!

Our Expected Pupil Attributes focuses on the child’s total development. Instead of teaching to make sure they can pass a test, we teach to make sure that your child becomes the best! Our curriculum and assessment processes are aligned to identify and hone five key markers of a child’s complete progress in the Little Archers Learning Center.

We call these attributes our 5Cs. We strive to make sure that at when your child leaves the LALC, they have these five attributes:


We want our pupils to know how important it is to be kind to one another. The development of their knowledge of intersubjectivity allows them to become positive forces for good and development in our society.


We want our pupils to be able to effectively and appropriately communicate their needs and requirements. This allows them to become young people who are imbued with the knowledge that they are valuable and precious.


We want our pupils to be able to accomplish benchmarked abilities determined by the Department of Education and by leading early childhood education practitioners.


We want our pupils to be committed to learning. We know that learning does not begin and end in the classroom. The world outside of their classrooms offer more knowledge and insight, and we have to harness their innate curiosities in order for them to maximize their education.


We want our pupils to be able to relate to one another as equals. An oft-told maxim goes that values cannot be taught, it can only be caught. In order for our pupils to be concerned for one another, we have to be concerned for them as well.

These five Expected Pupil Attributes are informed by a set of competencies and skills that we are teaching through the 8 Multiple Intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner. The 8 Multiple Intelligence Domains allow our learners to experience learning wholistically and gives them more opportunities to harness the best mode of learning for them.

At the end of each learning period, we give our parents a detailed portfolio of their child’s performance. We do not give numerical grades but we assess how well the child is able to accomplish skills and competencies appropriate for their age.

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