The LALC Advantage

Children today learn at a faster and more intense pace than previous generations ever did.  The education that they receive should be dynamic enough to quickly respond to this.  The Little Archers Learning Center recognizes this reality and addresses it by having flexible teaching styles. We incorporate multimedia and multi-sensory experiences in the learning process, involving our students in countless activities and giving limitless opportunities to express themselves.  As renowned psychologist Jean Piaget proved, children learn best when they have fun while they learn.

We remove the unnecessary stress from the learning process by being responsive to the children’s needs-we give them more only when they are ready for more.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide developmentally-appropriate, world-class education anchored on our faculty, our facilities, and our curriculum.The synergy of these three elements gives your child the LALC ADVANTAGE

Our Excellent Teachers

The Little Archers Learning Center thrives on the excellence of our teachers!  The combined advantage of our proprietary curriculum with our roster of highly qualified and exceptional teachers create a truly potent and effective learning environment for your children.  Our strict maximum teacher-student ratio of 1:8 allows our teachers to get to know you and your child individually.

  • Education or Psychology degree holders from the best schools in the country.
  • Continuously sent to workshops and seminars to keep them abreast on current and pertinent educational issues.
  • Properly screened and cleared before hiring.
  • Trained in emergency response and First-Aid
  • People who are creativeenergetic and passionate about teaching children.
  • Dedicated to providing the best quality education to their students.

Our Safe and Secure Facilities

We make sure that our pupils have a fun and safe place to play and learn in! Our schools are always sanitized twice a day – once after the morning classes and another after the afternoon classes. All our facilities are also child-sized and child-friendly. Sharp edges are and hard play surfaces are covered with rubber mats to make sure that your children are able to run, jump and spin around without any worries! Aside from that, all our facilities are covered by 24/7 CCTV, and RFID cards are now standard for all our pupils.

Our Pioneering Curriculum

The LALC Curriculum is anchored on the idea that we want to develop learners who have a life-long love for knowledge and the ability to be able to apply that knowledge in their daily lives. Towards this end, we have crafted our Curriculum to be able to respond to the evolving needs of the 21st Century Learner.

The LALC Curriculum aims to produce pupils who have Joy and Faith in their lives. Our learners’ activities and exercises during the school day allow them to celebrate the joy in living through hands-on and experiential learning experiences. We help cultivate their faith in themselves and in their abilities by giving them opportunities to practice their autonomy and independence, all under the watchful guidance of their teachers.

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