Introducing LALC FTP and POP!

Follow the leader!

We have been an early adapter and innovator in transitioning to online classes, and we are proud to say that we have given over 300 kids a fun learning experience online since we started doing it last March!

We would like to thank all of you who have been very supportive of our transition to online classes – we couldn’t have done it without such great parents!

We’re taking a short break next week, but we’ll be back again on June 22 for more fun, learning experiences online!

We are going to conduct two simultaneous programs from June 22 to July 17, 2020. We are introducing FTP or the FLExO Transition Program and the POP or the PlayCare Online Platform to be abe to give our Little Archers continuous education at home.

The first program that we will do is the Fun Learning Experience Online Transition Program. This program is meant to establish routines and practices in our Little Archers as we prepare for the start of our school year on July 27.

The FLExO Transition Program (FTP) is exclusive for the reserved and enrolled pupils of our program. The classes will be segregated according to the ages of our learners, so they can get to know their peers and develop the right learning habits to make their online learning this school year truly successful. Reserved and enrolled pupils may use their free 2-weeks in our FLExO Transition Program if they haven’t been able to use it yet during the summer. Parents may also opt to have their child enroll in the FTP for only Php 1,000/wk.

Classes in the FTP will be held daily from 8am – 10am, and from 130pm – 330pm. Don’t forget that your child will also be having their small group sessions during the FTP, and these will be held twice a week for Nursery to Kinder pupils, and once a week for Toddlers.

Please make sure to reserve a slot for your child as soon as possible because we want to maintain our small class sizes. 🙂 Reservation is only Php5,000. You may reserve at

We are also very excited to tell you all that we will continue our PlayCare™ service online! We are aware that not all children may want or be able to participate in targeted and assessed learning during this time. Some parents may prefer to provide engagement and interaction for their children that is stress-free and still fun and enjoyable. We are also launching our PlayCare Online Platform or POP starting June 22, 2020 to address these needs! The LALC POP provides the following for our enrollees:

• Participation in one-hour Zoom meetings, everyday from Monday to Friday, at 10AM and 2PM, with Circle Time, Read Aloud, and one learning activity. • At least two (2) LALC teachers who will manage the online class session.
• Proprietary and exclusive activities to provide your children with routines and interaction with children of different ages. • Supplemental learning activity management through Google Classroom.
• LALC provided worksheets and materials that will be printed by the parents or accomplished digitally.

LALC POP classes are held everyday from Monday to Friday. The fee is only Php 1,000 per week. Registration for LALC POP is ongoing at