Introducing the NEW LALC Curriculum!


The New LALC Curriculum focuses on being able to accurately and authentically determine if our Little Archers are learning what they’re supposed to be learning!

We have re-aligned our Curriculum with the DepEd mandated K-12 curriculum and added additional content and competencies that will ensure that your child will develop to become a well-rounded and well-educated young person.

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The New LALC Curriculum allows us to focus on authentic learning by ensuring that the development of the young child is at the core of our teaching strategies. We have identified over 500 learning competencies that we will teach and assess using the eight multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner.

At the end of your child’s stay with the Little Archers Learning Center, we envision that your child will be a child who has Joy and Faith. We have crafted our curriculum to allow us to integrate the values of Confidence, Compassion, Competence, Commitment and Concern within our program. This change allows us to nurture your child’s heart as well as their minds.

Learn more about the LALC Curriculum by visiting our Centers or by clicking here.